Self-Care, Personal Development, & Essential Oils

There are so many different elements to self-care, but the main goal is to live a happier, fuller life by investing time and effort in yourself.  

Hi, my name is Ben Balden, and I run a business based on teaching Personal Development principles and using essential oils to take your personal development to the next level.  The truth is that as you grow who you are, you will be able to increase your level of happiness, wellness, financial security, job satisfaction, and relationships.

The best way that you can improve your situation in life is to look inside yourself and take time to grow who you are.  That personal growth is often referred to as personal development, and there is a wealth of literature and subjects to help you develop yourself.  So many life coaches, gurus, personal development experts agree that you must grow who you are inside to improve your situation outside, so if you are unhappy with any aspect of your life, personal development may be your key to switching on the happy.

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed over and over and others keep hitting a brick wall?  There are super rich and successful people that say, if they lost everything tomorrow, they wouldn’t worry because they could grow it all back again using the same principles, knowledge, and mindset.  So, how do you move into this pool of successful people? I believe the answer is personal development.

So, how do you develop yourself personally?

There are thousands of books, workshops, courses, and opportunities out there to improve yourself.  You can literally spend hundreds of hours reading to, listening to, watching, or participating with all of these teachers of wisdom and knowledge from some of society’s greatest minds.  (For a complete list of personal development works I recommend including some concise reviews, please visit my site at

There will come a point when you discover, like I did that there are many shared themes, principles, suggestions, and methodologies shared between the authors and creators of these many personal development works.  The ideas keep repeating although the names or terminology used is slightly different, the concepts are the same. For instance, the idea of mindset might be called attitude in one work, paradigm in another, beliefs in another, and mental maps or scripts in another.  The idea basically means the way your subconscious mind sees reality.

I have found that many of the principles can be filtered into one of seven categories:

  1. Awake – the acknowledgement that you can through your choices direct the outcome of your life
  2. Purpose – a sense of contribution, progression, and meaning attributed to the product of your daily labor
  3. Vision – a clear idea of where you are headed and where you want to end up in your life (what you want)
  4. Progress – how to get from where you are to a better situation in life by daily practice of principles based on or derived from the picture of where you want to go
  5. Mindset – the attitude or inclination of subconscious mind moving you in the direction that will likely produce the best results for your world
  6. Support – how well you interact with, work with, help, and relate to others to bring about a benefit to all involved
  7. Whole – being healthy and well not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well

Developing yourself can be difficult.  It’s easy to talk about what you should do and organize the thoughts into categories, but applying them and making them stick can sometimes be a challenge.  I’ve been studying personal development and coaching people in it for years. And what I’ve learned from all those discussions is that developing yourself personally is a journey within itself.  Anything you can do to improve your chances would be very welcome.

Enter the amazing qualities of essential oils.

Essential oils can help you in your quest for personal development.  Many people know how essential oils can help them get better sleep, clear their airways, soothe an occasional upset stomach, but they are not aware of the intense emotional properties of essential oils.  (If you would like to know more about essential oils or purchase some premium grade essential oils, please visit my blog here:

How does it work?  

Our olfactory sensors in our nose pick up and register aromas and scents.  The molecules are detected by these sensors and that data is transmitted to the brain for processing and interpretation.  This is how we know the food we might be about to eat has gone off. What’s interesting is that the center of the brain that processes aroma, the amygdala, also processes memories and emotions.  And emotions are what drive us and compel us to do or not do certain activity. So, you use an essential oil to change your mood or create a supportive and encouraging emotion.

For example, one concept that people struggle with is developing a mindset for and accepting an increase of abundance in their life.  There are oils that trigger the emotions of abundance, and do this very well. Many citrus oils, for example, make you feel rich, free, happy, and full of life.  I’ve put together a blend of essential oils to help my clients increase the feelings of abundance, so they begin to actively look for and acquire more abundance in their life.  The blend has Wild Orange, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, and Spikenard. For a full list of my blends, please visit

So, how do you use essential oils with your personal development?

It’s easy to use essential oils to take care of yourself and your personal growth.  When you are learning about a concept or principle, you merely find an oil that will help support you emotionally in that area.  There are many good essential oil guide books out there. Check out my website for my recommendations.

If you would like more assistance with using essential oils in your personal development, I offer an online course that will walk you through the seven areas of personal development using essential oils visit


Your life is your responsibility and the only way to improve the results you are experiencing in your life is to improve yourself.  Improving yourself takes conscious effort and is sometimes very difficult. Every bit of help you can find will make the job much easier.  Start today. Take action. Do something to improve yourself and your life. Take control and choose to “live a happier, fuller life.”