Ready for Change? Start by Changing the Way You Care for Yourself

If you’re stuck in a lateral trajectory to nowhere and ready to grab the next rung on the ladder to personal fulfillment, you’ll have to stop looking at the end goal and start focusing on the present. You can’t make it to the top if you don’t give yourself the mental and physical fuel you need to succeed.

Here are a few ideas on how to treat yourself when you’re ready to set a new course:

Relax – your body and mind depend on it

Everything you do is directly impacted by the amount of sleep and rest your body and mind receive. Dartmouth University explains that without relaxation, you can easily succumb to irritability, chronic stress and depression. Unfortunately, relaxation is almost a foreign concept as we tend to push ourselves to stay occupied from sunup to sundown. Learn how to pay attention to your body and take a few minutes each day to practice deep breathing, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation. Sleep deprivation is another major concern. If you aren’t getting at least seven hours of sleep each night, find a way to carve out the extra time and hit the hay a bit early. offers advice on 21 ways to settle your mind so you can sleep.

Stop trying to be all things to all people

You are one person. And while you play many roles, there has to be a point when you step back and let someone else take over. You’re not obligated to submit to every request, even when it comes to your own children. Learn how to say no and don’t feel guilty for sectioning off some of your time for you.

Cut negative ties

It’s not always easy to spot fake friends, toxic family members, or bad situations. You may have lived your entire life thinking that any of these were “normal.” While only you can be the judge of the things that don’t put your best interests at heart, a good rule of thumb is to consider how you feel during and after exposure to people, places and events. If, for instance, your “best friend” only calls you when he or she wants something, it may be time to cut those ties and give yourself the gift of spending time with people who reciprocate your care.

Focus on fitness

Your physical health and well-being dictates how well you perform at home, work, school, and socially. When you exercise regularly, you’ll find that your self-confidence and productivity increase and that you have a healthy outlet for stress. Furthermore, exercise can help you regulate your emotions while building a strong and energetic body.

Develop positive habits

Your daily habits will either launch you toward your goals or turn you in the opposite direction. For instance, if you want to change jobs, make a habit of building your personal and professional network. Inc. claims that the simple act of striking up a random conversation can lead to meaningful connections. Other positive habits that will make a huge difference in your life include saving for retirement, taking care of your appearance and traveling.

Eat well

It’s time to clean the fridge and purge the pantry. The food you eat is another aspect of your day-to-day life that can have positive or negative long-term consequences. Start each day with a healthy breakfast, which Fitness explains may include steel cut oatmeal, eggs, berries, or Greek yogurt. Go light for lunch and make sure your dinner plate is comprised of mostly lean proteins and fresh vegetables.


Everything you do now will shape your future. It’s up to you to decide which direction you want life to take you. By focusing on your health, habits, and happiness, you will have the power to navigate the twists and turns on your path toward personal growth.


Image via Pixabay