5 Ways Exercise Boosts Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Guest article from ripped.me

Without a doubt, exercise should become a part of your lifestyle, but to what extent and to what end? You might feel that fitness is just something people do to pass the time or reach a personal goal that has nothing to do with their psychological and emotional well-being, but in reality, regular exercise can help you achieve health and happiness in a number of ways.

Particularly, physical exercise can help you build the confidence and self-esteem you deserve. Whether it’s through a clearer complexion or a healthy eating habit, or even a stronger body that makes you feel like there is nothing you can’t achieve, fitness is the way to a rewarding future. Here are the five ways exercise can help you achieve these goals.

There’s nothing like the post-workout buzz

If you ever need a day-long dose of happiness and zeal, the only thing you need to do is hit the gym before you start the day. Exercising early in the morning, even in the comfort of your living room, is an excellent way to prime your mind and body for the challenges ahead, and most importantly, boost the production of happiness hormones that inspire you to maintain a positive mindset throughout.

Whether you are doing cardio training or weight exercises, the results will be the same provided that you really put your heart and soul into it. You need to get a proper sweat on and push your limits, not only to improve physically, but mentally as well.

Sculpting an Enviable Physique

There is no denying that true beauty and self-esteem come from deep within, but we can’t deny the fact the external appearance can have a significant influence on our self-perception and our inner emotional health. The way you observe yourself in the mirror is an important part of the way you treat yourself on a daily basis, and in turn, make others treat you.

If you want to project an image of confidence that deserves other people’s respect and even admiration, you need to look the part. Exercise, rather than the clothes and accessories you wear, plays a key role in making you look and feel like a million bucks, as it helps you sculpt a body you can be proud of.

Making you physically and mentally stronger

In the real world, physical strength matters. Not just so you can carry the groceries from the store in a single trip, although that is sometimes an achievement, but because being physically strong helps you develop that can-do attitude that will truly take you places in life. To achieve this, you will need to devote time and plenty of effort in the weight room, but the results will be well worth it.

Start slowly by learning the basic strength movements and optimizing your nutrition. Emphasize a protein-rich diet and add protein workout supplements to your routine in order to help your body recover from a tough workout and build the strength you deserve. In turn, becoming physically stronger will directly influence your mindset and inspire you to reach towards grander goals with confidence and self-esteem.

Exercise motivates you to accomplish more

Speaking of grander goals, there is nothing quite like that empowering feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a particularly challenging workout. Knowing that you have beaten your track time or that you lifted a certain amount of weight in the gym is an infinitely rewarding feeling, one that boosts your confidence and allows you to tackle every challenge during the day.

More importantly for your personal and professional future, accomplishments in training help you build an unwavering mindset that doesn’t take no for an answer. You will become more proactive and assertive, and most importantly, you will stand up and fight for the things you deserve – like a promotion or your favorite chair in the living room.

Reducing mental stress and fatigue

Finally, keep in mind that physical exercise literally makes you feel more energized throughout the day. During training, your body suppresses the hormone cortisol while managing adrenaline production, making you happier and more stress-free as a result. In turn, you will be able to tackle the day with a positive attitude, no matter if you have a busy day at the office, or if there are a ton of chores waiting for you back home.

Final thoughts

Confidence comes from within, and there is no denying that the first thing you need to do is to learn to love yourself for who you are. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t powerful external sources that can help you speed up the process and inspire you to create a well-rounded image of yourself. With these benefits in mind, go ahead and make regular exercise an inextricable part of your lifestyle.