Your Daily Self-Care Checklist For Optimum Wellness

It seems that every day we are bombarded with new research regarding health and wellness—about what we should be doing to achieve it and what daily habits will surely sabotage it.  It can become overwhelming trying to keep up with the barrage of heath tips and warnings, so much so that many of us just throw up our hands and give up even trying to be healthy.

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The Mental Health Benefits of Self-Care

We’re all busy. As a recent article bluntly put it: “Americans work more than anyone.” Most Americans work over 40 hours a week, more than our counterparts in other industrialized nations like England, Norway, and Japan. We also retire later, work longer days, and are permitted less time off for vacation. As a country, we rally around the ideals of determination and hard work. But experts suggest that overwork is linked to alcoholism, weight gain, sleep deprivation, and, in low-income workers, type 2 diabetes. So if you feel weighed down with anxiety – whether because of work or any other reason – be sure to care for yourself. That means taking time to relax, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and saying no.

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