6 Ways Online Yoga Supports Your Self-Care Goals

Guest Article

How is your 2019 going so far? Did you set intentions or goals for the New Year? And did your goals by any chance include getting into the groove of yoga? I often hear from my students and friends that they really want to try yoga or they really want to have a regular practice, BUT… and the laundry list comes out! I know when I started a regular asana practice, or yoga movement practice, that I shared many of those same roadblocks. But now, with technology at my fingertips (literally, my phone and laptop!) I’ve chiseled these stone walls down. Online yoga is the new wave of the future and can help you achieve your self-care goals with little impact to your wallet or peace of mind. Read on for just six (6) of the ways online yoga can get you moving on your mat:

1. Reduce stress: No travel or traffic time needed

Have you ever driven to a yoga class, gotten stuck in traffic for an hour while dealing with angry drivers, only to arrive to class more wound up and stressed than if you would have just stayed home? I know I have! Statistics show that we sit in traffic an average of 42 to 84 hours a year – that’s 1-3 days! No wonder we don’t want to drive to the studio or gym. Besides, reducing stress is one of the top 5 reasons people practice yoga, so why not ditch the drive, save yourself the stress from traffic and do yoga at home?

2. Get Comfy: Set your own mood

Want essential oils, candles, or none of the above? Have at it! Want the lights off or on? Yogi’s choice! Want to mute the instructor and play your own music? Why not! Want to wear your PJs or go sans clothing? I won’t say anything (just please turn off video if live!)! Set the tone for YOUR yoga class.

3. Feel Secure and Confident: Mute/shut off video so that no one can see you

One of the biggest reasons I refused for years to get a gym membership or go to a studio is because I was worried I didn’t have the right clothes, I didn’t look “the gym or yogi” type and didn’t want people to “see” me. Yoga teaches us overtime that none of this matters, but we are not doing ourselves any justice to push how we feel aside — what we feel is real. With certain platforms, especially with live platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts, you can mute yourself AND turn off video. For instance, I encourage students to stop their video if they’d like before I start class. A student messaged me after class one day to say how excited she was to have finally eliminated the judgement feeling with no one watching and she couldn’t wait to take more online and live yoga classes!

4. Give Yourself the Gift of Time: Gain time rather than losing

Besides saving on rushing around, packing, and/or travel time, you can save time by finding class times that work around your schedule. Most platforms are recorded classes, but a few sites offer live classes. If you can’t make the live class, check to see if the class is recorded. It’s a win-win here… no rush and you can take the class whenever you like!

5. Do Yoga Where You Can: Office or Home… your choice

Feel like doing yoga for 30 minutes at work? Sure! How about right before the kids come home from school? Squeeze it in! It’s a beautiful day and you can only spare 45 minutes? Grab your mat and tablet and head outside! The world is your yoga studio now!

6. Be a Savvy Shopper: Save money

Because the overhead cost is lower (i.e. no studio to pay rent), the typical cost of online classes are cheaper! I often hear from students they can’t afford the $20 drop in rate a few times a week and I completely understand. With online yoga classes, you can create peace of mind for yourself by promoting your mental and physical well-being AS WELL AS your financial well-being. Pat yourself on the back for this discovery!

By taking online yoga classes, you can reduce even more stress, get comfortable and confident, take yoga wherever you are as well as save time and money to better promote your self-care needs. In this way, technology is an exciting advancement for yoga.

I hope you always know and remember that yoga is about you. There is no wrong or right way to practice yoga. Yoga is about finding strength and flexibility in your mind, body and life so please do not be hard on yourself as you take on your practice. Online yoga is just one way to help beginning and busy yogis eliminate excuses and take to the mat. Cheers to your self-care goals!

Be the Light,


Reneé Clair is an online yoga teacher, powerlifter and mama to a Chihuahua mix. She left the corporate world after several layoffs and made self-care her priority. She finds joy in nature, essential oils and music. She shares her passion of yoga and self-care through her online yoga class and online one-on-one sessions. To find out more about Clair de Lune Yoga and access a FREE 1-hour recorded yoga class, visit www.renee-clair.com or follow her on Instagram @clairdeluneyoga.